Saturday, February 2, 2008


As a little girl our kitchen table was positioned next to a large plate glass window. My chair faced the window. I have vivid memories of just staring at myself for the entire dinners during the winter since the dark would turn it into a mirror. When talking about my day, I would talk to my reflection, watching how I carried myself, how my clothes looked.

It drove my mother nuts.

Now why she didn't move me to another chair I'm not sure. But I recall being constantly asked, cajouled, told to stop staring at myself.

So when we moved into a bigger house when I was in third grade it was a bit of a relief to find our kitchen table had a very small window in the room.

Then she hung a mirror.

Years later my mother cannot understand why I don't have a slew of mirrors around my house.

I don't need them. When darkness falls my three kids perform in front of the bay windows.

Just like their mama.

Soccer Mom in Denial is visiting the Rocking Chair today. A mom of three kids - twin 7 year old boys and an almost 4 year old girl - she dragged* Wholly Burble into the blog exchange. Today we're writing about Groundhog Day, or things that keep repeating. Come to Soccer Mom in Denial's site to find Wholly Burble's piece. Click here for more information on the Exchange.

*A wee note from Wholly Burble: SMID really didn't "drag" me into the exchange--I was quite honored that she asked me to participate--Thank you SO much for allowing me to host your Groundhog Day entry, and for hosting my piece on your site today.


Jenn in Holland said...

So very true, true, true! A reflective window often distracts me too. Just the other night standing at the bus stop, engaged in conversation with a friend, I noticed that I kept catching my eye in the reflective plexiglass shell (it was dark, so it took on that mirror presence) and I sort of scolded myself for talking to myself instead of looking into her eyes...
What a great piece SMID. So sorry you've been sick.

anno said...

I love this "reflection" (sorry). I've always felt that windows at night reveal some aspect of my person that a mirror never does; thus, the fascination. This is a great piece. Again, I hope you feel better soon.

Goofball said...

hihi it remembers me that I always used to wink to my sister...until it also drove everybody nuts. It had become a habit I didn't even realise.

So I had to switch seats for a couple of months until I didn't wink at my sister anymore :p

Now I sometimes do it on purpose on a family dinner and then we crack up.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I thought this was beautiful. I'm so sorry you're feeling sick, though. Feel better soon!

Yummy said...

Oh mirror reminds me of her...LOL

Nice story!

Lara said...

ha, my sister and i were (and are) the same way. my mom says we definitely got it from her. :-P

sid said...

Hope you don't mind me say this ... but you sound kinda vain. Constantly looking at yourself in the mirror. I like this idea of swapping places for a day.