Thursday, May 8, 2008

Life's Little "oops" . . .

I’m not sure if it’s my age, “the” age we live in, or . . . ? But it seems in the past few years there have been more “surprises” thrown at me.

I know some of it has to do with the age of my mother, and her going in to a nursing home. All those little Life surprises that my two young sons used to bring into my day, have now been replaced by all those little surprises my almost 99 year old mother seems to add. This week, on Monday, bright and early, I received a call they were taking my mom via ambulance, to the hospital. That sent me into a scrabbled morning as I tried to cancel and/or re-arrange MY Monday, and get going on the road to cover the over hour drive to the hospital, so I could be there with her.

And that is kind of how the rest of the day went. There was a lot of hurry up and wait, of course, once you’re in the E.R. and they’re working through tests to determine what’s up. As I entered the E.R. room one of the blood lab technicians was working to get three vials filled with Mom’s blood. Mom is a tough one to find a vein, so the gal was having problems as they’d already started an I.V. in Mom, and that was her one fairly “good” vein. I walked in the door, and as Mom looked up and realized it was me, she let out with, “Thank God you’re here, they’re trying to kill me.”

She had already endured being temporarily catheterized, simply to get a urine sample, which later she sat on the bed pan and could have freely given them all the sample they needed SANS the invasive procedure. I tell you folks, it’s not a good idea to be in the hospital without someone “healthy” and vocal with you--they just take over and do things to their heart’s desire, and you’re just “at their mercy” so-to-speak.

It was finally determined she had pneumonia, and they admitted her into the hospital--and, of course, there went the rest of the day. And there went the next day, and the next. Gratefully she is responding very well to the antibiotics, and they determined they could switch her off the I.V. administered antibiotics and put her on orally given medication. That meant she could go back to the nursing home today. And that meant all the things I was suppose to be doing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today, are being done TODAY as best I can get to them. Needless-to-say, some of it will be finished up tomorrow along with the “usual” Friday venue.

I’m grateful it wasn’t a bigger Life “oops” and that Mom is responding to the treatment very well. I’m grateful that other than being inconvenient driving the two plus hour round trip three times this week, spending money on gas that was not in my weekly allowance, and eating out with funds NOT in my budget NOR in my “allowed” food’s list, things weren’t any worse, and it’s all been covered.

I really need this weekend to be peaceful. I could stand to take the weekend “off”--but I see that spring has finally sprung and the grass is growing up, up, up. Translated, that means I’ll be spending a great deal of Saturday astride my trusty lawn tractor, mowing a fourth of our town (well, our family members own a fourth of the town, so I’m the one who mows all of our properties). I’ll be singing at the top of my lungs as I merrily buzz along. It is just as good if not better than singing in the shower! And in truth, it will probably feel pretty darn good being outdoors instead of sequestered in a hospital room as I was much of this week.

Viva la Oops! As I live through them, I become stronger--well, at least I become more grateful for all the non-oops days.


anno said...

I'm glad to hear your mother is responding well to treatment, but you are so right about the need for hospital patients to have a healthy and very vocal advocate in attendance. From what I've seen, most hospital employees, from surgeons to the IV techs are incredibly overworked -- it makes for some brusque treatment and the potential for scary mistakes. Your mother was lucky you were there.

It's not an easy role to play, though. I hope you get that peaceful weekend. Don't spend it all mowing grass!

Mariposa said...

Glad to hear your Mom is okay and is getting better! And you are very true, the inconveniences that we get makes us appreciate the times when things are goind smoothly and on our favor! I would be very happy to help you mow 4th of the town! LOL

Thanks for visiting me...sending you some good vibes and energy to let you do all you need to do!


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Oh, WB, what a week you've had! I'm glad, too, that you can get outside a bit this weekend. Riding the mower and singing in the sunshine sounds much, much better than hanging out in hospital rooms. And your poor mother!

I hope you get some put-up-your-feet time, too. Maybe the riding would be a good time to do some plot work? ;-)

Mariposa said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

gunfighter said...

I hope your mother continues to do well.

Keep your spirits up, and reach out any time you need to.