Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hand me downs.

This very pretty lady is my mom. She was in nurses' training in this picture, close to graduation. She was in the first graduating RN class in Waterloo, IA. She nursed for over fifty years. At the age of 72 she entered college as a full time student, and graduated in three years Magna cum laud. Then, at 75 she entered graduate school and graduated in two years with an MA in counseling. At that time she began working for Black Hawk Mental Health in Waterloo, IA. She worked until she was 86, not leaving until the federal grant that subsidized her position was terminated--in other words, Uncle Sam ran out of money for the program, Mom didn't run out of energy and determination to do her job! And she continued playing (she is a consumate pianist, organist, and song writer) and entertaining at area nursing homes, adult care centers, churches, right up until she had to enter the nursing home herself two and a half years ago. She continues playing daily for two hours, entertaining at her own nursing home, and others in the area.

On July 17th of this year, 2007, she celebrated her 98th birthday. Still going on her own power, still practicing and auditioning, she claims, for that big pipe organ in heaven. As much as I'm sure heaven will enjoy her joining in their big band, I'm grateful we have her with us here, entertaining the locals who experience joy and share smiles and laughter as she plays their favorites.

MOM, you have set the bar pretty high for your kids. As your only daughter you've given me quite a view of what a woman can accomplish, in ANY era, at ANY age! Quite the "hand me down"--Thank you.


Gunfighter said...

A big huzzah for your mother and her wonderful, full, and accomplished life,

My grandmother, who is 87, has been a nurse for nearly 50 years, and is still going, so I know about the indominatable will of lovely, tough, caring women.

Along with my grandmother, your mom has just entered my panthoen of heroes.

I will pray for her.



Wholly Burble said...

I bet our two gals would have a great time chatting about nursing over the past fifty years!

At 98 my mother constantly amazes me at her resiliency and her deep caring for others. She has me bring her "soft and chewy chocolate chip" cookies so she can take them around and cheer up other nursing home residents (pretty much all of them younger than she). She says chocolate just says "everything is going to be OK" :-)

Here's to our two wonderful ladies! Thank you for holding Mom in your prayers. I will gratefully offer prayers for your Mom as well.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

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Wholly Burble said...

Thanks Jen--I took the bull by the horns and went, signed up, and am working on the month, this will keep me off the streets at night LOL :-)