Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What have I done?

You've heard of "buyers remorse"? You see something, on impulse buy it, and then, as you are pulling out of the mall parking lot, think, "Oh my, what have I done, why did I buy that, what will my family say?"

It may be that I'm going to have "writer's remorse", as I just followed the link to NaBloPoMo and JOINED--oh my, what have I done? And in the month of Thanksgiving, with my mom staying for a week's visit . . . oh my . . .

I was visiting Gunfighter's blog, and there he had his month of November lined up. My I am impressed. I'm really quite new to blogging, having tried twice before in lame attempts, and quit--so now three is a charm, and here I am. I had seen GF do this kind of "listing" of coming events before, and it had truly inspired me. Hope he never drafts me into service, I'd probably follow him into the fray LOL. As it is, writing a blog daily IS fraying my nerves, does that count?

OK, here we go, I'm heading to my WordPad program and going to begin my "list" for November. As an out-of-discipline writer I feel like I'm stepping back in time and putting on that darn Playtex girdle again. Oh boy, this could be a squeeze.

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