Monday, November 5, 2007


Life is filled with revolving doors. No sooner has someone made their "grand entrance" than someone else is heading back out the door. We celebrate the arrival, not so often do we celebrate the departures.

In my family we have five members all over ninety years of age. We even have one member one hundred and three years old. Although she is fairly bed-ridden, along with one uncle that is requiring more and more assistance, the other four are all up and functioning, two of them still in their own home, still able to drive their own cars, and all four of them have daily "schedules" of outings, visiting, doing volunteer work, etc. Only two out of the six, therefore, really are ready to go home to be with the Lord--the rest are busy and not thinking about leaving any time soon.

Elsewhere in our family, we have many many new members, all under the age of ten, and one ready to be born this month. It was rather something at this newest "soon to arrive's" baby shower. We had his Great great grandma, his great grandma, his grandma, his great great great Aunt, his great great Aunt, his great Aunt, a number of his Aunts, and a host of "grandmas" from former marriages, along with cousins, etc. It was the going concern around the party to get LOTS of pictures, as we figured this particular gathering of clan elders was probably the last of its kind--that many generations all up and functioning, and having a good time at the party.

So, we have times coming, I think, when we'll be witnessing many departures, going on out the door of life. But then, we've been having our share of new entries, swinging on in, filling our family with new smiles, children's laughter, hopes and dreams. Quite a span of years, quite a remarkable span of "era's" we represent--and all of it, to some degree, you just have to take in stride, even though I'm one of the ones getting closer to the "out" door myself.

Kind of remarkable, kind of exciting, to think about going on through those revolving doors and seeing what's up ahead. Many in our crew have gone on before--so there's bound to be a lot of celebrating when each of us gets there, just like when the new ones come in through this door to earth. I like to celebrate the coming and the going. Much to look forward to on both sides of the door for our family. Although there's always that sense of missing someone, to know he/she is just on the other side of the door, awaiting our entry, well, that's a great feeling.

Thank God, for God is good.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

What a wonderful blessing in your lives! My family is miniscule. Yours seems very rich, indeed!

Wholly Burble said...

It's a blessing to have had so many years with these dear family members.

Ours was really a "small" family to begin with--but now I've lived so long, all the grandkids are having kids LOL--I do believe that means I AM getting old! Arggh!

Mariposa Speaks said...

What a nice family you have...reminds to take care of myself so I can stay long enough to build a family like yours...

Wholly Burble said...

mariposa, Just checked out your "ten points" for a fellow--sounds like when you start that family, it will be with a pretty wonderful guy. That will make those years well worth spending. And the extended family, well, that just takes love and time, and Life does the rest.