Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Salad Forks

If there’s any doubt the holidays are in full swing, there’s evidence right in my kitchen. We’ve just come out of the first “round” of the holiday season, Thanksgiving. And there isn’t a clean fork available in the kitchen other than a few salad forks. Now we never use the salad forks for regular meals, only for . . . Well, we just never use them. BUT, after every fork has been dirtied, and there’s still food requiring forks, a person will reach in to the kitchen drawer and bring out a salad fork. Ours are short, stubby little things no one enjoys using.

Now I have place settings for twelve--and there are only three of us living in this household. Even with company, generally my cousin, there’s only four places being set and used for a meal. And that would give a minimum of three meals before getting to the salad fork necessity stage. Then, of course, if it weren’t being used for meals, but desserts, well, then it’s usually one fork at a time, and could last longer than the minimum three meals.

And if a person is being diligent and frugal, he/she CAN stand at the sink, put some dish soap and hot water in one of the bowls that also needs to be washed, and quickly wash up a few forks, thus staving off the task of washing the entire dirty dishes for a bit longer--possibly until the next morning if a few plates and bowls are washed along with the forks.

Of course, eventually it is a fact, the dishes have to be washed. I mean, after all, you can only eat so many frozen pizzas (which require little in the way of forks, or anything else), and re-heating left-over items--and you must face it, the holiday is over, and reality sets back in--dishes must be done every day.

No, a dishwasher wouldn’t help. You still have to load it, turn it on, and unload it. And with twelve place settings, our household can nurse that process out for days if we apply ourselves. It might require getting down to eating breakfast cereal out of a Ziplock disposable container--but it can (and has been) done.

Ah well, the holidays are rare occasions. Normally dishes are done every day, and sometimes when I am not working, I even do them after each meal. But with twelve place settings and three people who work different shifts, so most meals are quite often eaten singularly during the week, the question is WHY would you do the dishes after every meal? It just isn’t efficient.

If they ever make a truly GOOD disposable fork . . . Ah it is but to dream . . . It could be like the holidays EVERY week!


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Or maybe they could invent a tiny portable dishwasher - that would change capacity for any dish, so you could wash as little or as much as you want to at a time. And it would be cheap and ecological, too, of course. ;-)

Kat said...

Amen, sister! We had 4 adults staying in our house for the weekend, and there were no forks to be found the entire weekend. What's the deal with that? Salad forks are not fun. I ate my eggs with one on Sunday morning.

Just finished the last of the dishes from that fiasco!

Jen has a brilliant idea above! A countertop dishwasher?! Small enough for a just few dishes or a ton of forks! Or 10 bottles and nipples! Has nobody invented this yet? Its a great idea.

Kat said...

By the way, that video appears to be back in operation now on my blog. =)

Wholly Burble said...

My father thought he'd "solved" the problem of dishwashing when he had a daughter (me), which, by-the-way, he found out was wrong thinking!

jen--I think the individual dish washer has possibilities, but a maid sounds better (I don't care if it's male or female, I'm an equal opportunity employer).

kat--it might be one of those things like the sock-eating dryer--you put in two, and only one comes out. According to Erma Bombeck (may she rest in peace), that is a world-wide occurence.

ps: picture still not working--rats!

Goofball said...

haha, we are 2 and we merged 2 households. We have a multitude of 12 forks. We often joke that we should open a catering business as we have a ridiculous number of cutlery :p.

You are welcome to come and borrow some.

suchsimplepleasures said...

or maybe...we should just eat with our hands! i think that would save a lot of steps in the clean-up process. the only thing you'd need to worry about cleaning, obviously...are your own hands. i think i've come up with a brilliant and very inexpensive idea.

Mariposa Speaks said...

Dishwashing is just not part of my vocabulary...and yet, when it's my turn to host an event...any event, I am one person who gets to used all utensils and kitchen/glass/ceramic wares you can imagine...now makes me think if there was a time when members of the house wanted to slaughter me for doing this... :D