Friday, November 9, 2007


Subjects I have rejected today:

Rising gas prices (too depressing, not much to add)
Weather (it’s fall in Iowa, it’s cold, not much to add)
Today’s Errands (ugh, not much to add)
Laundry (egad, I haven’t come to writing about that have I?)
. . .

OK, possibly jumping into the NaBloPoMo after only having a blog for three days was a bit presumptuous of me. But I’m going to stick with my gut instinct and I can see where it’s making me push myself, get off the dime, put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard), get organized . . . (you get the point).

Of course, the rest of my life has had to go to the back burner, or at least to the side boards. I’ve set myself to the task by saying I must get this written and posted BEFORE I take on any other task for the day. That is keeping me honest about writing this--but it is also pushing my other chores of the day further and further into the morning (or first of the afternoon LOL). And yes, I do sometimes sit here with my laptop, in my recliner, and get to reading everyone else’s blogs, chuckling, smirking, guffawing, snorting, shaking my head, putting hand to chest, praying--and then writing comments.

Perhaps I’m getting addicted. Each blogger comes to their blog with so much of themselves in tow. I marvel at how sharing all of you are. You’re all so brave. You share yourselves, your thoughts, feelings, creativity, your lives--and you’re all so marvelous! I am amazed every single day by you.

And I’m off . . . Blogs to read, blogs to respond to, and a host of errands to run for my family, or they might get me for MIA. Or worse yet, they might claim desertion while under fire. After all, it’s Friday, and they will want food in the house this weekend and the coming week.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Yeah, it's funny how families like to eat. And yes, the blogging world is addictive, is it not?

Wholly Burble said...

True, jen. If Blogging is addictive, at least it's not fattening. LOL, of course, with all the great recipes everyone shares (with pictures!), maybe it IS fattening.