Friday, December 7, 2007

Addicted to Blogging?

Having found this interesting percentage comment at Katstuff’s site, I immediately clicked on the link to find out what percentage my data would illicit. Much to my chagrin, I came up with 74%, barely shaving off 1% point from Kat’s--argh--how did this happen? I’ve only been blogging for a little over a month now.

I want all of you reading this to know, you are, in part, responsible for this score, If you all didn’t write such great blogs, I wouldn’t be spending so many hours a day reading and commenting on blogs. That would have helped heaps in keeping my percentages down.

And since so many of you have written such encouraging and wonderful responses to my blogs, you have encouraged me to be THINKING about what I’m going to blog next--again, raising my percentage points.

Then there’s the whole Soap Opera Sunday thing, and the Music Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays and Singular Saturdays--yes, I’ve “blown things off” to get to these special entries. Again, clearly NOT my sole fault, as it’s all of you writing such great things that draws me in.

Clearly, I’m not taking the hit for this 74% alone--I’m holding all of you responsible for my addiction. Thank you, by-the-way, I’m having WAY way too much fun ;-)


Jan said...

he,he,he.. I'm not surprised at your percentage. Of course I wouldn't take all the blame either. Glad to see you back after your brief absence.. LOL


Brillig said...

Haha. It's not MY fault. But I, too, tend to feel a bit micromanaged in my blogging--to your list I then add Flashback Friday (though it's been ages since I did one of those). However, you can't blame ME for Wordless Wednesday. I'm just a participant there. Go check out the Wordless Wednesday site--you'll see that there are about 400 people who play every wednesday (and some who play EVERY day)!

Mariposa said...

Mine was 60 something I guess...and I thought that way high

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm surprised it's ONLY 74% ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad - I'm at 82%! (with NO intention of changing!)

Goofball said...

hahaahaaa, you are hooked now, you know. no way back! :p

And I'll gladly take part of the blame if that means you come over to visit me regularly leaving me such nice comments :)