Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Elvis!

Today is Elvis Aaron Presley's birthday. I was pretty sure I was born as his 14th year birthday present (the day before, so I'd be there on time I'm sure). However, other than my grandma and me, no one else seemed to share this idea.

I was pleased that the year before he died, I was able to see him perform live, in Ames, Iowa. I was up in the third tier of balcony seats--had to have binoculars, and try to keep the pigeons from roosting on my head LOL (OK, maybe a slight exaggeration). But, still, he and I were in the same "room", breathing the same air--it was live--and after so many years of being a true blue fan, it was a biggie in my book.

The next year, as I was taking care of my one year old son, the phone rang. A relative who knew what a die-hard fan I was, asked if I was sitting down. That is NEVER a good sign. She told me Elvis was dead--that it had just come on the news. She told me what channel to put on to see for myself. I was shell-shocked. I really didn't want to believe it.

There was much time afterwards to contemplate the why's, hear all the suggestions of how it came to happen, and think about the what if's. And it still all came down to the fact--Elvis was gone.

I have never gone to see an Elvis impersonator--if I want, I can see his movies, I can listen to his recordings--there is only one Elvis, and I don't care to see anyone trying to "play" him.

He was a one and only. He was a man with foibles. He was a gifted fellow, who had, within him, the ability to bring happiness to others through his singing. He never took the Elvis image seriously. In fact, he had quite a sense of humor about himself. But he understood people did take the hype seriously, and he tried to be that for them as much as he could.

He is missed by many. I am one of them. Here's a little tribute for him--enjoy. And Happy Birthday Elvis!

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Jan said...

I found you !!! LOL Yes, Elvis is missed by many. He was definitely "The King". Happy Birthday Elvis ! Glad I found you my friend. I feel better now. (((HUGS)))