Friday, January 11, 2008

Reporting on Day to Read!

I read, pretty much off and on all day long. One thing I did, which I have not taken the time and enjoyed the luxury of for a VERY long time, was to read the paper from beginning to end--pretty much every page, every article! Wow. I used to be such a paper reader. But now, with on-line news "clips" and such, I just don't read the entire paper. BUT, yesterday I had the joy and satisfaction of reading it cover to cover.

I also worked on other things--but really that was my one big commitment for the day. There is a book I'm reading, but it's going to take me some time to get it finished. And I have a couple others I have been reading excerpts from as research for my novel. But over-all, I am working on reading those things all the time. The paper was "special" for me--and I only wish it had been a Sunday paper, because that can be an all-dayer, replete with munchies and such! ;-)

It's been fun today to go around to those participating and see what they read and their reports. I'm so pleased we all took this time and made this commitment. I just left off the computer for the largest part of the day, and didn't go to any blogs--it was the only way I wouldn't find myself reading blogs LOL.

Again, this has been fun--maybe we'll have to do it again.


Mariposa said...

Welcome back...and how I miss you!

My flu made it easy for me to stay away from the computer for the entire Jan. 10! But I was blogging like crazy the next day...and I don't know if it was hormones but I was in a pendulum of emotions...glad I have stabilize a bit now. ;)

Day to Read made me realize how I miss reading an actual know the feel of flipping each pages...we should do this again!

Jan said...

I'm glad you took some time read. You deserve that special time. (((HUGS)))

anno said...

It's good to remember the luxury of time with a book -- I'm glad you enjoyed your day!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Those book reports have been so much fun to read! And YAY that you're joining us for the Writing Game again. I'm so psyched!

Goofball said...

hmm I couldn't let go of the temptation of reading blogs as well , but only during my breaks at work when my computer was on anyway. At home I tried to keep it off, so I wouldn't be tempted to much. Makes me realise how addictive blogs are :p.

Great to hear you were part of our big reading vibe as well! I still feel it, I still feel stimulated to read more than I did before. Yihaa.