Monday, January 28, 2008

Windy and a little breath of youthful joy . . .

Check in with Soccer Mom in Denial who started Music Monday and see who else is playing!

On Soap Opera Sunday I’ve been telling tales from my early dating years entitled “Older Men and other acts of insanity . . .” The first fellow I’ve been talking about was a very gifted artist, Tony. He was a drummer besides being an art major--drew in several mediums, but I think was partial to acrylics, pencil, chalks and charcoals.

Anyway, one of the big summer hits was a song called Windy. And for whatever reason, Tony decided it was “our” song, and most especially because he felt the words described what he saw in me.

NOW, before all those who know me now think it has something to do with me being long winded, talking ad infinitum, etc.--NO--a thousand times NO (and stop your giggling). Tony was a romantic, and saw me through his artistic, romantic-soul eyes as this wild and free character, breezing through life with a song in my heart.

Not sure that would have summed me up at all--but the Idea of it and the song itself, became one of my favorites, just because I accepted it as his vision of me, and one I found VERY winsome and wonderful.

Hope you will enjoy the song with me.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

This is SO funny... that was the other song that Sunny played all the time! I LOVE that song!

Mariposa said...

Now, you make me giggle! You suggested it! what can I do? LOL

Goofball said...

must be cool to "have a song"

anno said...

Oh, this took me back... 7th grade cheerleading tryouts! I love this song (even if I didn't make the squad)!

Leslie said...

That's so romantic! And I love that song.

I once had a man tell me the song "Always A Woman" by Billy Joel made him think of me. Maybe I'm not great with lyrics and poetry, but I didn't think he was giving me a compliment.

Wholly Burble said...

jen--I like both songs myself--and I'm sure they were locked into my head by the shear number of times I sang them and heard them on the radio.

mariposa--yes, upbeat song, with such a happy tone.

goofball--with my whole family musicians, I think there's a song to go along with every event in my life. But this was the only one a fellow attributed to me, so it did seem pretty special at the time.

anno--oh my, I was starting college, and you were doing 7th grade tryouts--I AM old LOL.

leslie--I had to go check out the lyrics to see if I agreed with you. To tell you the truth, Billy Joel could make singing dirty limricks sound dreamy or "longing"--but after reading these lyrics, I have to say, it might sound like women are certainly "empowered" but it's not particularly flattering is it?